Book of 70 Fears and Phobia Scripts

Probably the only hypnosis book on Fears and Phobias you'll ever need. This book contains a selection of 70 of Hypnotic World's most popular phobia scripts.

Scripts for Fears Include:

Air Turbulence, Anaesthesia Awareness, Authority, Balloons (Globophobia), Bees and Wasps, Being Alone, Being Alone for Children, Birds, Blood, Bodily Functions, Buttons, Cats, Childbirth, Inserting Contact Lenses, Criticism, Crowds, (Enochlophobia), the Dark, Death, Dental Treatment, Dogs, Driving, Eating in Public, Escalators, Inserting Eye Drops, Failure, Fainting, Fear, Flying, Regular Flying, Flying - 3, Frogs, Germs, Ghosts, Hospitals, falling Over on Snow and Iice and Skiing, Injections, Insects, Internal Examinations, Intimacy, Lifts (Elevators), Lizards, Long Flights, Loud Noises, Moths, Motorway Driving, MRI Scan, Needles, Old Age, Pregnancy, Rats and Mice, Rejection Falling Asleep whilst Driving, Snakes, Spiders, Success, Technology, Talking on the Telephone, Thunderstorms, Going to the Toilet in Public, Tornados for Children, Travel, Travelling by Underground/Subway/Metro, Viral Contamination, Vomiting, Warmth (on Skin), Water, Water (2), Fearless Flying, the Dentist for Children, Needles for Children

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Paul (Manchester) wrote:28th Aug, 2014

"To have a book dedicated to solely to phobias has added to my clinical knowledge and enabled me to offer a fresh approach to my clients both in my my health career and as a private hypnotherapist."

Would order again? Yes, I'm planning to

 5 stars

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