Essential Child Birthing Scripts for Midwives and Hypnotherapists

As more women are opting for hypnosis to help them with fertility problems and to experience childbirth, the demand for scripts to help with sessions has increased.

Many of the scripts included in this Essential Child Birthing Manual have already produced excellent results - from using IVF hypnosis relaxations when conceiving naturally and Breech Birth to visualize babies to turn themselves into an easier position for delivery to overcoming smoking during pregnancy and live with post natal depression.

We believe that any therapist involved in helping couples in their quest for parenthood will find these scripts invaluable.

The Essential Child Birthing Script Compilation is delivered to your inbox as a downloadable PDF.

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Includes 2 favourite inductions, deepeners and 21 hypnosis scripts:
  • Baby Bonding Visualization
  • Breech Birth Visualization
  • Numbness Visualization
  • Elective Caesarean Visualization
  • Natural Childbirth Visualization
  • Childbirthing Cycle
  • Drug-Free Childbirth Visualization
  • Failed IVF Relaxation
  • Fear of Childbirth
  • Healthy Eating During Pregnancy
  • Sustaining a Healthy Pregnancy Visualization
  • Increased Sperm Count Visualization
  • Infertility Hypnosis Visualization
  • Successful IVF Visualization
  • Coping With Miscarriages
  • Morning Sickness Relaxation
  • Placenta Previa Relaxation
  • Post Natal Depression Relaxation
  • Pre IVF
  • Parents of Premature Baby
  • Smoke Free Pregnancy

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