Book of 70 Hypnosis Scripts

The Book of Scripts is a compilation containing a variety of quality inductions, deepeners, scripts and visualizations which will be useful for newcomers to hypnotherapy and experienced practitioners alike.

Scripts included are:

Beautiful Day - Induction, Best Friend Method, Deepener and Script for Anxiety, Self Confidence, Charisma, Childbirth - Natural, Ego Strengthening Script, Overcome a Fear of Flying, Overcome Fear of Heights/Bridges, Overcome Fear of Injections, Overcome Fear of Spiders, Overcome Fear of Thunderstorms, Breast Enhancement Visualization, Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) Relaxation, Drugs - Freedom from, Visualizing Healing Journey, Visualize Feeling the Healing, Insomnia Relaxation, Pain Relaxation, Presentation and Exams Success, Relationships, Emotional Security, Stopping Smoking, A Special Place to Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Weight loss Suggestions - Slimmer You, Weight loss - an Acquired Taste, Dolphin Dreams, Beautiful Tropical Island, The Sunken Garden, Rose Dream, Jigsaw - Problem Solving, The Ocean Breath, Mountain Cabin (to Facilitate Glove Anaesthesia Visualization), Secret Place, Flying Blanket, Magic TV, Hypno-Relaxation for Children, Thumb Sucking, Nail Biting, Regression, Regression - Back to the Womb, Regression, Past Life Regression, The Inner Adviser, The Inner Child.

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Phil (Edinburgh) wrote:21st Jan, 2014

"Very useful compilation of scripts. Ease of access to different areas."

Would order again? Yes, I'm planning to

 5 stars

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