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This section of Hypnotic World is for sending in your case histories and letting us know how you'd go about helping the clients in question.

By participating in this section we can all learn from one another and offer more help to our clients. We hope you will send in your case histories (please change names and any obvious giveaways to maintain confidentiality). We'll publish your responses on the same page as each case.

All contributions can be sent to faith@hypnoticworld.com. We won't mention your name or email address unless you specifically request us to. Hopefully we'll also get feedback from other Hypnotherapists about the responses sent in.

Older items are archived below - please post new questions and read more recent questions in the Solutions Corner Forum.


. . .at the moment she is unable to get out of bed, and cannot feed or wash herself . . .  Details

Fear of Bouncers

James is thirty and recently qualified as a veterinary surgeon. He is very tall and somewhat un-coordinated but has many friends with whom he...  Details

Pain Patient

I have a patient post stroke suffering . . .  Details


...even resulting in him putting a manager in his shop so he doesn't have to deal with customers...  Details


He feels that he has to keep re writing what he has written because it isn't right. . .  Details

Noisy Neighbours

...The noise is 'existential', part of the conditions of their world...  Details

Newly Qualified

I have just set up a practise my first client is causing me to wonder about hypnotherapy . . .  Details

Memory Recall

. . . although the client thinks he may have blacked out because . . .  Details

Panic Attacks

...It is my client's mother who seems to be holding her back...  Details

Jungle Quest

...He wants to feel psychologically strong and motivated to improve his physical strength...  Details

Specific Information Recall

. . . he is attempting to remember the name and details of a half-brother he was told of by his mother just before she died  Details


. . . while I understand the concern re pinpointing the surrounding issues and can do ideomotor I can't see which script I could use  Details


Colleen feels worthless and does not believe . . .  Details

Hidden Agenda

. . .something is holding him back and he can not put his finger on it . .  Details

Hypnosis and the Hard of Hearing Client

...How can I hypnotise a man who is very hard of hearing...  Details

Headaches after Hypnosis

. . . they both developed headaches . .  Details

Sexual Abuse

Different approaches required for resurfaced memories of abused childhood  Details


He wants to spend more time with his children but...  Details

Fear of Deep Water

She just can't bring herself to go into water which is over chest level.  Details

Induced Vomiting

I am working with a seven year old little girl. She induces vomiting when in a situation that panics her (especially when her parents go out) and...  Details

Un-Relaxed Client

She is constantly on the go . . .  Details

Trigeminal Neuralgia

I have a problem which I desperately hope someone can help me with . . .  Details

Termination Guilt

He suffered the trauma of a termination some six years ago and the feelings of guilt attached not by the mother but by the ...  Details


...whenever he tries to read a book or paper it doesn't go in .  Details

Emotional Problem

Amy is sixty years of age and seems to have given up on life. She is grossly overweight and finds it difficult to ...  Details

Resistant Client

. . .early in the hypnotherapy I could see she was relaxing and then after a few minutes she opened her eyes and . . .  Details

Regression Question

. . . she said she was in a dark coal room, she was a boy in britches, aged 7 . .  Details

Praising a Client Script

. . . lost a stone, so needs a praising and continue the good work  Details


...Have any members worked with that health problem?  Details

Fear of Teeth

Subject is 10 year old boy with a phobia about dogs - extreme fear in their vicinity - is particularly afraid at the thought of their teeth.  Details

Past Life Regression

. . .do I need to hypnotise him a few times before. . .  Details

Fear of Cold Food

...His parents have separated. His mum says this has been going on for a year...  Details

Dietary Issue

I have a prospective client who is very keen to try Hypnotherapy in relation to her diabetes ...  Details


I just was wanting to see if anyone has ever had a client on dialysis before  Details

Diabetic Child

...He is obviously getting a lot of attention with these injections...  Details

Chronic Depression

Client has been depressed for 26 years and in counselling for . . .  Details

Cross Dressing

He ultimately wants to come to his session dressed as a woman...  Details

Loss of Control

Client feels let down by her own body . . .  Details

Complicated Client

...She desperately wants to stop lying now...  Details

Combined Problems

. . .seeing a young child of 11 on Tuesday for a snake phobia and anger management . . .  Details

Fear of Dolls

. . .The client can sit in the same room but will not touch a doll . .  Details

Children's Eating Issue

He's 10 years old and has lived on toast and chips since he was 4 - he baulks at anything else . . .  Details

Help for a Carer

..She is concerned about surviving...  Details


I have just started working on my first bulimic case and would appreciate some advice. My client ...  Details


Ever since she found her grandfather dead in bed, Ruth's anxiety . . .  Details

Fear of Badges

I've been approached by a client with a problem I didn't think exists ...  Details

Aspergers Syndrome

I have never dealt with a teenager who has this and hope that someone has got some opinions and advice...  Details

Alcohol Client

She drinks a bottle of wine every night starting at 9pm then goes to bed at 11pm and thinks . . .  Details

Fear of Flying

My client has a dreadful history with planes . . .  Details


She cannot clean her teeth without gagging. But has no trouble at the dentist and can place other ...  Details


. . . she responds well to Fractionation. I am not familiar with . . .  Details


Does anyone have any experience with this problem?  Details

Fear of the Wind

...Mother thinks may have been the hurricane in 1994...  Details

Fear of Meeting People

. . . she is fine when she has arranged to meet someone - even if she doesn't . .  Details

Fear of Eating

Case history of a hypnotherapy client with an aversion to eating in fear of being sick, with suggestions for helping the client.  Details

Fear of Choking

Case history of a client who saw his brother choke quite badly, with suggested responses.  Details

Abused Child Survivor

Client is 23 and lives at home with her parents, two sisters and one brother. From...  Details

Fear of Childbirth

She felt that she was an unwanted child and . . .  Details

Fear of Heights

...She felt an 'energy force' which was drawing her to the window and saying 'Jump'...  Details

Falling Asleep During Hypnosis

What do you do if your client is fast asleep after the induction...  Details

Erectile Dysfuction

. . . after producing an erection during sex he loses it if he has to put on a condom . . .  Details

Epilepsy and Hypnosis

. . . in case he experiences a seizure whilst in . . .  Details

Recurring Dreams

. . .she often wakes with her legs feeling tired as if she has actually been . .  Details

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