Rapid Induction Demonstration

By Faith Waude DHP Acc. Hyp.

This video features John demonstrating a rapid induction with one of the students of the Professional Hypnotherapy Course at our August 2017 workshop in Milngavie near Glasgow, Scotland.

Rapid inductions are an excellent way of producing an effective trance, particularly in a demonstration environment when every second counts. There is always a lot to squeeze into these workshops, and a rapid induction can work in a few minutes in comparison to the 20 or so minutes needed for a progressive relaxation induction.

John starts by obtaining permission to use a tactile approach with the client, as some people are naturally sensitive about being touched.

However a light touch on the arm or shoulders is all that is needed to help the subject go deeper once trance has been achieved, and he always precedes this touch by letting the subject know when he is about to do it. This way, she won't be startled by the sudden touch on her shoulders.

Notice how John reassures the client that she cannot fall. He is also using a permissive approach by asking her to pretend that her eyes won't open, rather than instructing her that her eyes cannot open. She can test they won't open only when she is sure that they won't, which puts the ball in the client's court and avoids the risk of resistance.

John's patter is continuous, firm and reassuring, and Linsey has full trust in him. Her arms hanging loosely by her side demonstrate how relaxed she is. At the moment, John only wants a light trance, but he could have easily deepened this simply by suggesting that Linsey was going deeper, and stroking her arm in a downward movement each time he used the word, "down".

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