Pin Pointing

Pin Pointing
Pin pointing (Photo by © vege -

Pin Pointing is the starting point of a neurosis. Every neurotic condition started somewhere. The starting point is referred to as the pin point.

The types of problems to use Pin Pointing for:

  • Where pain persists even after anaesthesia has been administered.
  • For migraines or other specific neurotic conditions causing psychosomatic aches and pains.
  • Reduction of phobias.

  • Stammering, absent-mindedness, etc.
  • Tics, tic douloureaux.
  • In almost all cases where only one specific problem or symptom is involved.

The uncovering procedure may be referred to as pin-pointing, however there are various methods used to establish where and why a problem began.

As the issue will be in the past then regression by some means will be required.

The standard method of regression is to 'talk a client back' through hypnosis until they remember the time and place where their phobia, neurosis, etc. began.

Another method is to use ideomotor signals.

(See related articles and strategies on Hypnotic World for an explanation of how to use ideomotor IMR responses).

You can also pin-point the origin of a client's problem by the faster method of using a rapid induction along with direct suggestions to have them remember where they were and what they were doing, however this method usually requires a highly suggestible subject and an experienced hypnotist.

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