November 2016 Workshops

November 2016 Workshops
Attendees with their diplomas. (Photo by Dannielle)

A few weeks ago in November we held two workshops, a practical training workshop and a marketing workshop. A huge thank you to everyone who joined us!

On the Saturday for the practical workshop, Faith gave hypnotic demonstrations and attendees practiced inductions, testing how susceptable subjects were to hypnosis, effective hypnosis language patterns, ideomotor signals and more. We also had a special guest - one of our students had travelled all the way from the Falkland Islands and combined her holiday with the workshop tutorial so a big thanks to Carol and we hope to meet her again when she's next over here.  We were also joined by our volunteer, Stephanie, who helped by taking part in a past life regression session to give students an idea of how sessions can be carried out.  It was great hearing Stephanie's feedback, as well as discussions by other attendees who shared their own past life regression experiences.

On Sunday we held our first marketing workshop, as it's been very requested for a while. Dannielle taught attendees how to effectively use social media to market their business and also included useful offline methods. There are many free ways you can help grow your business if you're willing to put in a little work and time so Dannielle explained how to effectively use Facebook, Twitter and other online sites to help grow a client base and find other hypnotherapists for support. 

We are in the process of securing dates for our first workshops next year which are expected to take place in March 2017, so please check back for more information on dates if you'd like to attend.

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