Hypno-Teasers: Cross Words - Jokes - and More

Hypno-Teasers: Cross Words - Jokes - and More
Hypnosis humour (Photo by © DURIS Guillaume - stock.adobe.com)
Welcome to Hypno-Teaser

Hypno-TeaserHypno-Teaser is Hypnotic World's latest addition to the site.  We have been busy compiling Hypnotic crosswords, Jokes and Hypnotic Knowledge Questions which will be published shortly - just to remind us all that there is a lighter side to hypnotherapy.

We hope that this section will also help new and existing hypnotherapists to brush up on the terminology used and improve their understanding of hypnosis.  Any contributions to the site can be emailed to faith@hypnoticworld.com - if we have permission to publish your original work we will also include your personal profile.


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Hypnotic Crosswords

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