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Glossary of Affiliate Terms


An affiliate is a person who refers people from their website to Hypnotic World by placing links on their site (which are available once logged into the Hypnotic World Affiliate Area). When a visitor to an affiliate's website clicks on one of the Hypnotic World links, and completes a purchase of particular products on HypnoticWorld.com, the affiliate whose website the visitor clicked the link on earns a commission, depending on the type of the product purchased. Being an affiliate is an easy way to monetize, or generate profit from, their website. Hypnotic World offers over 1000 links for different hypnosis products (e.g. Fear of Flying MP3 download), that make it an ideal website to partner with.

Banner Ad

A banner ad is an image which affiliates may place on their web site, promoting Hypnotic World products. You can obtain banners from the Affiliate Area incorporating affiliate tracking code.


Clicks are counted each time a visitor to an affiliate's website clicks on an affiliate link to Hypnotic World that the affiliate has placed there. Tracking code means that the clicks from an affiliate are recorded, and purchases tracked, so that the affiliate can earn commission from such sales.

Click-throughs can be increased by placing more links to Hypnotic World on your website by downloading the HTML code in the Affiliate Area.

Conversion Rate

A conversion rate is the percentage of users who click on the links of an affiliate's website to Hypnotic World, and complete purchase. For example, if 20 visitors click on a Hypnotic World link, and then of those, 5 complete a purchase, the conversion rate is 5 out of 20 = 25%. The conversion rate of your affiliate links can be improved by placing more relevant links to Hypnotic World on your site.


Commission is the money earned from sales which an affiliate has referred to Hypnotic World. Our commission rates (accurate as of August, 2010) are:

• 35% for hypnosis script sales
• 50% for the first payment on a Hypnotic World Memberships (excludes combined subscriptions)
• 35% for hypnosis MP3 download sales

We also offer 5% 2nd Tier commission to affiliates who refer more affiliates. See 2nd Tier Affiliate for more information.


Hyper-text Markup Language, or HTML, is the format in which web pages are created and stored. If you use a program to create your web site, you may not automatically work with the HTML of your web pages (the program does this for you). In order to add Hypnotic World affiliate links, which are provided as pieces of HTML code, simply select the HTML view and paste the code into your web page's HTML. The HTML view may be named in various other ways depending on the program you use: Code and Source view are also common, but usually refer you to the HTML of your web page.

Hypnosis MP3

A hypnosis MP3 is an audio computer file which any user can puchase, download and listen to, for example in order to over come a fear or phobia, boost their confidence, relax or overcome an addiction. Hypnotic World offers 100s of hypnosis MP3s and commission to affiliates for MP3 sale referrals.

Hypnosis Script

A hypnosis script is a text-based product which is used by hypnotherapists to hypnotize their clients. Hypnotic World offers over 800 hypnosis scripts, and commission for referred single script sales.


A link is an image or piece of text that you place on your website to refer users to Hypnotic World. e.g. This is a link. Links created in the Affiliate Area incorporate a tracking code in order to track those customers who were referred to us from your website, in order to credit you with a referral commission.

2nd Tier Affiliate

A 2nd tier affiliate is an affiliate who has signed up to the Hypnotic World affiliate program following a referral from a link of another affiliate. The referring affiliate can then earn a percentage of what is paid to the new affiliate, boosting their earnings.

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