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Addiction Scripts

Addictive PersonalityAlcohol AversionAlcohol CessationAlcohol ModerationBinge DrinkingCaffeine AddictionCannabis AddictionChewing TobaccoChocolate AddictionChocolate AversionCigarette CravingsCocaine AddictionComing off Anti-DepressantsCompulsive SpendingCutting Down on SmokingFreedom from DrugsGambling - The FoolGambling AddictionGames Console ObsessionHealthy LivingHeroin AddictionMethadone AddictionMobile Phone ObsessionNicotine CravingNicotine Gum AddictionPipe SmokingPornography AddictionPsychic Phone Line AddictionQuit Smoking NowRoad to Stopping SmokingSalt AddictionSecret SmokingSexual AddictionSmoke-Free HouseSmoking - No tarNewSmoking Addiction 2Smoking AssociationSmoking AversionSmoking Aversion 2Social DrinkingSocial Network AddictionSocial SmokingSoft Drink AddictionStop ShopliftingStop Smoking TodayStop Smoking with Self HypnosisStopping SmokingStopping Smoking 2Stopping Smoking with Time DistortionStopping Smoking: The ValleyRevisedSugar AddictionTV AddictionTranquilizer Addiction Relaxation

Anger Hypnosis Scripts

Anger ManagementAnger Management 2Anger ToolForgivenessRevisedFrustrationFrustration ReleaseRoad Rage ReversalStop Road RageStop Self HarmingStopping Swearing

Body Image

Accepting BaldnessNewAnti-Ageing VisualizationBetter PostureBody BuildingBody Dismorphic Disorder RelaxationBreast Enhancement VisualizationBreast Reduction VisualizationBuilding Muscle MassExuding BeautyFacial Slimming RelaxationFirmer Breasts VisualizationHair Growth VisualizationHeight ConfidenceLiving with DisfigurementNicer Hair VisualizationRe-Energised Facial Muscles VisualizationRemove Facial Hair Visualization

Business Skills and Finance

AffluenceAttracting AbundanceBeach WorkerBusiness MeetingsCareer ConfidenceCreating WealthDealing with EmployeesEnjoy your JobExecutive SkillsFacing BankruptcyFinancial WorriesHow To Write Your Own Hypnosis ScriptsLottery Winner VisualizationNatural NegotiationProsperitySelling Skills with Hypnosis TechniquesSensible SpendingStep Back From Your BusinessSuccessful InterviewsSuccessful Self EmploymentTime Management

Childbirth Scripts

Abortion RelaxationBaby BondingBreastfeeding an Adopted BabyBreech Birth RelaxationChildbirthing Cycle VisualizationCrying BabyDrug Free ChildbirthEasy Childbirth VisualizationElective Caesarean SectionFailed IVF RelaxationFear of ChildbirthFertility VisualizationHealthy Eating During PregnancyIVF RelaxationIncreased Sperm Count VisualizationInfertility RelaxationMiscarriagesMorning Sickness RelaxationNatural ChildbirthNatural Childbirth With DolphinsOver Protective MothersParents of Premature BabyPerfect PregnancyPlacenta Previa RelaxationPost Natal Depression RelaxationPre - IVFSmoke Free PregnancySustaining a Healthy Pregnancy Visualization

Children's Issues

Accepting a Parent's New RelationshipAnger Management for ChildrenAppetite Increase Visualization for Older ChildrenBedwetting RelaxationBowel Movements - Pre-SchoolersChild ADHD RelaxationChild Anxiety ReleaseChild Eagle - Soar like an EagleChild Fear of FlyingChild IBS RelaxationChild MeditationChild ObesityChild StutteringChild Teeth GrindingChildhood DefianceChildren Hypno-RelaxationChildren's Health RelaxationChildren's Nail BitingConcentration for ChildrenConfidence for ChildrenCoping with Divorce for ChildrenDisruptive ScholarsEncopresis RelaxationEncopresis for Younger ChildrenEnjoy New FoodEnuresis Relaxation 2Fear of Being Alone for ChildrenFear of Mascots for ChildrenFear of Needles (for Children)Fear of Swimming for ChildrenFear of Swimming for GirlsFear of Tornadoes for ChildrenFear of Vomiting for ChildrenFear of the Dentist for ChildrenFitting in with your PeersFlying BlanketHonesty for ChildrenJuvenile Diabetes RelaxationLiving With ADHD RelaxationLiving With Childhood Infections RelaxationMagic Spot InjectionsMagic TVNose PickingOCD: Balloon RoomOak TreeOpposition Defiance DisorderPerfect ParentingProblem SolvingSafe Sleeping for ChildrenSchool PhobiaSecret PlaceSelective MutismSeparation Anxiety for Young ChildrenSick Sibling JealousyTeenage Time ManagementThumb SuckingThumb Sucking 3

Confidence Scripts

Be ConfidentBe More OutgoingBest Man's SpeechBlushing in GroupsBullyingCircle of ConfidenceConfidenceConfidence - The Steam TrainConfidence BuildingConfidence KiteConfidence and PositivityConfidence at WorkConfidence for HypnotherapistsConfidence for New DadsConfidence: Conference TableConfidence: Crystal BallConfidence: Garden of LifeConfident Public SpeakingCourt Case ConfidenceDating ConfidenceDial up ConfidenceEgo StrengtheningIncreased Self EsteemInstilling Confidence in ClientsMaking DecisionsPersonal ConfidenceNewPublic SpeakingRegaining ConfidenceRegaining Confidence with HorsesSelf Authority - Confidence BuildingSelf Belief: Protective ShieldSocial ConfidenceStop BlushingStop StutteringTimidityVoice Projection

Coping with Loss

Abandoned BabyFinding Lost ObjectsLosing a PetSeparation Anxiety


Best FriendBlackboardCandleCascading Waterfall DeepenerColorsCreating AmnesiaDream DestinationHorse DeepenerJumbo Playing Card ExperienceLagoonMarble Steps DeepenerNumbered Staircase DeepenerOld Oak TreePuppetRaindrop DeepenerNewRelaxation and Deepener for RecordingScuba Diving DeepenerSeven DoorsSki SlopeStairway to HeavenThe LiftThe PlaygroundThe StaircaseThe StarThe Twenty Six Step DeepenerWhirlpool Deepener


Driving TestDriving Theory Test NervesExam Study MotivationExam SuccessLab Research ConfidenceNewPractical ExamsPresentations and ExamsStress-Free StudyingTest Anxiety

Fears and Phobias

AgoraphobiaClaustrophobiaDisposaphobiaFast Phobia Release - NLP TypeFear of Air TurbulenceFear of AnaesthesiaFear of AuthorityFear of BalloonsFear of Bees or WaspsFear of Being AloneFear of BirdsFear of BloodFear of Blood 2Fear of Bodily FunctionsFear of Bodily HairFear of Bowel Movements for Younger ChildrenFear of ButtonsFear of CatsFear of ChokingFear of ClownsFear of CommitmentFear of CommitmentFear of ConflictFear of Contracting HIVFear of CriticismFear of CrowdsFear of DeathFear of DeathFear of Dental TreatmentFear of Doctors and DentistsFear of DogsFear of DrivingFear of DwarfsFear of EatingFear of ElevatorsFear of EscalatorsFear of Eye DropsFear of FailureFear of FaintingFear of Falling Asleep While DrivingFear of Falling OverFear of FearFear of FishFear of FlyingFear of Flying 3Fear of Flying EverydayFear of FrogsFear of Furry AnimalsFear of GermsFear of GhostsFear of Growing OldFear of Heights JourneyFear of Heights or Bridges Fear of HospitalsFear of IceFear of InjectionsFear of InsectsFear of Inserting Contact LensesFear of Internal ExaminationsFear of IntimacyFear of Living AloneFear of LizardsFear of Long FlightsFear of Loud NoisesFear of MRI ScansFear of Meeting PeopleFear of Monsters (for Children)Fear of MothsFear of Motorway DrivingFear of NeedlesFear of PainFear of Panic AttacksFear of Passenger DrivingFear of Passing WindFear of PregnancyFear of Public ToiletsFear of Rats and MiceFear of RejectionFear of Shopping Centres (Malls)Fear of SnakesFear of SpidersFear of Spiders WebsFear of Spiders for ChildrenFear of Staying AwakeFear of SuccessFear of Talking on the TelephoneFear of TechnologyFear of ThunderstormsFear of TravelFear of Travelling by Underground/Subway/MetroFear of Trying New FoodFear of Viral ContaminationFear of VomitingFear of Warmth on SkinFear of WaterFear of Water 2Fear of the DarkFear of the Dark for ChildrenFear of the UnknownFear of the WindFearless FlyingHomophobiaLetting go of Fears and PhobiasPhobia ReleaseSocial Phobia

Grief Scripts

AnniversaryBereavementImpending BereavementLonelinessLoss of a ChildSaying GoodbyeStaying StrongSurvivors GuiltNew

Habits and Disorders

ADHD - Circles within Circles RelaxationAdult ADHD RelaxationAltitude Sickness RelaxationAnorexiaAnorexia - A New BeginningAnorexia ControlAnticipatory NauseaAppetite Increase VisualizationAsperger Syndrome RelaxationBladder Control RelaxationBladder Control Relaxation 2BruxismChewing AnnoyanceCompulsive LyingCreating AlternativesDepression RelaxationDepression: White Light RelaxationDissociative identity disorderDrink Driving AversionDystonia RelaxationEnuresis Relaxation (for Adults)Excessive Burping RelaxationHypersomnia RelaxationInsomnia - Guardian AngelInsomnia RelaxationInsomnia Relaxation: Black DoorKleptomaniaKnuckle CrackingMaintenance Insomnia RelaxationMind ClutterMorning PersonMotion SicknessMouth and Cheek BitingNail BitingNail Biting 2Narcolepsy RelaxationNervous CoughNervous Swallowing RelaxationNervous Twitch RelaxationNervous faintingNicer Nails VisualizationObsessive BehaviorObsessive Compulsive DisorderObsessive Compulsive Disorder 3RevisedOvercome BulimiaRestless Leg Syndrome RelaxationRhythmic Body Disorder RelaxationSea Sickness RelaxationShy Bladder RelaxationSleep Talking RelaxationSleep WalkingSnoring RelaxationSnoring for the ListenerStop Eyebrow PullingNewStop Thumb Sucking (for Adults)Swallowing Pills with EaseTeeth GrindingTourette Syndrome RelaxationTrichotillomania (2) - Compulsive Hair PullingTrichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling)Unwanted Thoughts RelaxationVertigo Relaxation


Acid Stomach RelaxationAlzheimers RelaxationAmenorrhea RelaxationAndropause RelaxationAngelsArthralgia RelaxationArthritis RelaxationAsthma RelaxationAsthma Relaxation 2Ataxia RelaxationAuto Immune Conditions RelaxationBell's Palsy RelaxationBells Palsy RelaxationBipolar (Mood Swings) RelaxationBlood Pressure RelaxationBrain Tumor RelaxationBroken Bones RelaxationCancer Treatment RelaxationChronic Fatigue Syndrome RelaxationColitis RelaxationColonoscopy RelaxationCombination Depression/AnxietyConstipation RelaxationCoping with Celiac DiseaseCoping with HIV RelaxationCoping with Stomach UlcersCrohn's Disease RelaxationCrohn's Disease Relaxation 2Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome RelaxationCystitis RelaxationDeep Vein Thrombosis RelaxationDiverticulitis RelaxationEdema RelaxationEmphysema RelaxationEndometriosis RelaxationEndoscopy RelaxationEnjoy Fruit and VegetablesEpilepsy RelaxationEssential Tremor Disorder RelaxationEye Surgery Whilst AwakeEyesight VisualizationFear of Passenger TravelFibroids RelaxationFibromyalgia RelaxationFruit and Vegetable AversionGall Stones RelaxationGeneral Healing RelaxationGout RelaxationHalitosis RelaxationHay Fever RelaxationHeadaches RelaxationHealing Relaxation ScriptHealthy Mind and BodyHepatitis RelaxationHerpes RelaxationHormone Imbalance RelaxationHypochondriaImmune System VisualizationIndigestion RelaxationLife EnergyLiving With Allergies RelaxationLiving With Alopecia RelaxationLiving With Candida Overgrowth RelaxationLiving With Diabetes RelaxationLiving With Food Intolerance RelaxationLiving With Gout - RelaxationLiving With Irritable Bowel RelaxationLiving With Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) RelaxationRevisedLiving With Irritable Bowel Syndrome RelaxationLiving With Macular Degeneration RelaxationLiving With Prostate Cancer RelaxationLiving With Prostate Cancer Relaxation 2Living with Cancer RelaxationLiving with Chemotherapy RelaxationLower Cholesterol VisualizationLupus, Auto Immune Disorder RelaxationLympedema RelaxationLymphedema RelaxationMND RelaxationMedication Side Effects RelaxationMeniers Disease RelaxationMenopausal Symptoms RelaxationMenorrhagia RelaxationMigraine RelaxationMultiple Sclerosis RelaxationMuscular Dystrophy RelaxationOsteoporosis RelaxationPancreatitis RelaxationParkinson's Disease RelaxationPelvic Inflammatory Disease RelaxationPhantosmia and Parosmia RelaxationPolyneuropathy RelaxationPost-Natal DripPost-SurgeryPre-Menstrual Syndrome RelaxationPre-SurgeryRaynauds Disease RelaxationRenal Function: RelaxationRheumatoid Arthritis RelaxationRoot CanalSciatica RelaxationScoliosis RelaxationSeasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) RelaxationShingles RelaxationSinusitis RelaxationSjogren's Syndrome RelaxationSleep Apnea RelaxationStroke RelaxationTaste Disorder RelaxationThe Healing JourneyThyroid Imbalance RelaxationTinnitus RelaxationTurning off Unwanted Genes VisualizationUrge Incontinence RelaxationVaricose Veins RelaxationVaricose Veins Relaxation


Arm LevitationBeautiful DayBlue LightBubbleCandle FlameClasped HandsClosed EyeCloud InductionDeep RelaxationEFT InductionEcho InductionElevator Induction and DeepenerEye FocusEye RollFacial SunsetFish Tank InductionGlued HandsGroup InductionHammockIsland WalkMagic Carpet InductionNumbers InductionOdds EvenOrange Cloud InductionOverloadPainting Picket FencePendulum MethodPinprick InductionPostural SwayRapid InductionRigid ArmScottish Castle LibraryScottish Highlands Double DiceSeven StepsSleep HypnosisSnowman InductionSpiral InductionThe Andy Moore InductionYogic Breath

Memory and Learning Scripts

Accelerated StudyingAccelerated Studying 2Automatic TypingComputer ConfidenceConcentrationDyscalculia RelaxationDyslexia RelaxationForeign Language StudyListening SkillsMemory ImprovementMemory Recall VisualizationMemory and ConcentrationMental BlocksPhotographic MemoryPresentations and ExamsRevisedSleep Learning VisualizationSpeed ReadingStudy SkillsSuper LearningTime DistortionTime Distortion 2Writer's BlockWriting Skills

Hypnotic Metaphors

Anger MetaphorNewMetaphor - Sleep Temples

Pain Relaxation & Visualizations

Autogenic ProgrammingComfortable Dentures RelaxationEasy Pain Relief VisualizationMenstrual Pain RelaxationMuscular RelaxationNumbness RelaxationPain Melting Away Visualization RelaxationPain RelaxationPain RelaxationPain Relaxation 2Pain Relaxation for ChildrenPhantom Limb Pain RelaxationRapid Pain RelaxationRiver of Life

Performance Scripts

Accepting YourselfBetter HandwritingCamera ShyCompleting TasksCoping With Jet LagDance the Night AwayGreat Guitar PlayingInappropriate LaughterInterrupted Sleep RelaxationLiving in the NowPeak PerformancePerfect PianistPerfectionismPersonal PridePower Nap RelaxationPowerful Public SpeakingRevisedProcrastinationSequence DancingSong Writing SkillsStage Fright AuditionsSuccessful Step ParentingTone DeafnessUnlock your Creative AbilitiesVelvet VoiceWedding Day Nerves

Personal Development Scripts

Accepting ChangeAccepting ResponsibilityAppreciationAssertivenessBalance your LifeBe a Better ImpressionistBecome Tidy and OrganizedBetter Ballroom DancingBrain PowerCharisma VisualizationCreative PaintingCreativityCurbing Control TendenciesEmotional BaggageEmotional CalmEmpower YourselfEnjoy HouseworkNewHappinessImaginative IntelligenceImproved Co-ordinationIndependence from ParentsIndividualismInner AdviserJoy of BeingLife ChangesLiving AloneLuck and Intuition VisualizationMake Your Dreams Come TrueMotivationNew Beginnings (Changing Personal History)New Year New YouRevisedOver-Sensitivity RelaxationPatiencePunctualityRediscover a Sense of HumourReinvent YourselfSelf ConsciousnessSelf CriticismRevisedSelf ExpectationsSensory DirectionSettling in a New CountrySpeaking SlowerStop Being SuperstitiousSurviving Childhood ViolenceThe Joy of ReadingTuning Into EmotionsUnlock Visualization Ability

Psychic and Paranormal

Automatic Writing 2Connecting to your Higher SelfESP VisualizationHypnotic Mediumship OneInner Truth MeditationLucid Dreaming RelaxationMeeting Your Spirit GuideOut of Body ExperiencePsychic Ability VisualizationPsychic EgotismPsychic Protection

Regression and Progression

Affect Bridge TechniqueAge RegressionAntique Shop RegressionAutomatic WritingBack to the WombBook of Time RegressionCandle GazingCelebrationChakra RegressionChristos TechniqueCrystal RevelationCurious Baby SelfEarth MagicFly to the FutureFuture Life ProgressionFuture ProjectionHall of MirrorsHidden FilesHigher ConsciousnessHomecomingInto the FutureKarmaLife ScriptMemorabiliaOcean RegressionPast Life RainbowPast Life RegressionPath of LifeRainbow RegressionRebirthing ProcessRegressionRegression ScriptThe Time MachineTree of Life


Accepting AlcoholismAttracting LoveBring Love into Your LifeCo-dependency to IndependenceCoping with CaringCoping with Noisy NeighboursCyber CheatDealing with DivorceDraw Love into Your LifeEmotional SecurityEmpty Nest SyndromeEnding a RelationshipEnding an Abusive RelationshipFinding LoveForgetting an Ex-LoverGay Relationship ConfidenceHypnosis for LoversIllicit LoveInner ChildInsecurityJealousyMoving on in a RelationshipOvercome Marital AbusePerceiving Inner BeautyPossessivenessRebuilding TrustRelationship AddictionRelationshipsStop CheatingStop ControllingUnrequited LoveWedding Jitters


Alcohol Awareness FormAlcohol FormAnxiety QuestionnaireBrochureChild Profile FormConsent FormContract FormCorporate Workshop Sample LetterDifficult ClientsDual HypnosisEnuresis FormFacilitating Ideomotor Finger SignalsFear of Flying PosterFree AssociationGP LetterGP Letter 2Help your Clients to Stop Smoking in One HourHelping your Clients to Overcome PhobiasHow To Obtain An NHS Provider NumberHow to Build a Successful Hypnotherapy PracticeHow to Identify a Good Hypnotic SubjectHypnosis FlyerHypnotic PatterIdeomotorMaking Suggestion WorkPast Life Therapy LeafletPhobia FormPre Induction Talk for ChildrenRegression Information FormSmoking FormStage Hypnotism: The RequirementsStopping SmokingSuccessful Therapy PracticeTelephone HypnosisThe Secret of Successful Therapy - RevealedThe Pre-Induction TalkWedding Weight Loss FlyerWeight Information FormWeight Loss QuestionnaireWeight Loss TipsWorkplace FlyerWorkplace Poster

Self Hypnosis Scripts

Complete Guide to Self HypnosisHypnotize YourselfPathworking - Silver Chalice

Sexual Problems

Boost your MasculinityCross DressingDealing with the Aftermath of RapeDelayed EjaculationFemininityFeminisation VisualizationFrigidityHealing the Survivor of Child AbuseIncreased Libido VisualizationIntimate SexLiving With Erectile DysfunctionLiving With Impotence RelaxationMasturbation AddictionMetaphor for Premature EjaculationPremature EjaculationSaying No to SexSexual ConfusionSexual Enhancement VisualizationSexual EnjoymentSexual FulfillmentVaginismus RelaxationVasectomy Procedure Relaxation

Skin Problems

CellulitisEczema RelaxationExcessive Sweating RelaxationFacial Cysts RelaxationHives RelaxationItching RelaxationLiving With Acne RelaxationLiving With Warts RelaxationPsoriasis RelaxationPsoriasis Warrior RelaxationRosacea RelaxationSkin Complexion Visualization

Sports Improvement

Better BasketballBetter SnookerBike Racing ConfidenceBike Riding ConfidenceBoxing BoostChampion DartsChampionship CricketChampionship Horse DressageCheerleading ConfidenceChess MasterDartitis RelaxationEnduranceExcel at SportExercise for FunFootball ConfidenceGolf ImprovementHockey ConfidenceImprove Yourself Sports Increased Stamina VisualizationLearn to Swim with Hypnosis (for Adults)RevisedPerfect PitchingPerfect PokerPerfecting a Back HandspringPlay Better Rugby UnionRock ClimbingRugby LeagueRunning and JoggingScuba Diving AnxietyShow Jumping ConfidenceSkiing ConfidenceSport Induction and DeepenerSports ImprovementSquashTen Pin Bowling ConfidenceTennis ImprovementVisualizing Increased Lung CapacityWrestling Improvement

Stress and Anxiety Scripts

Anxiety ReleaseAnxiety Release - Bridge of TimeBlow Away StressControl Room - Work Related StressControl of Gag Reflex/Easy SwallowingDepersonalizationEase Away AnxietyEmotional Calmness VisualizationEmotional ReleaseFast Anxiety ReleaseFlashbacks RelaxationGagging RelaxationGuiltGuilt ComplexHeartbreak RelaxationHoliday De-StressHyperventilation RelaxationInner PeaceMorbid ThoughtsNegative Emotion Release: BalloonNegative Memory ReleaseNegative ReleaseNegative Thoughts ReleaseNegativityNegativity 2NightmaresNursing Home GuiltPanic AttacksPanic Attacks RelaxationPost Traumatic Stress Disorder RelaxationRed Balloon TechniqueRelaxationRosebud Energy VisualizationSilver Sack NegativityStressStress ManagementWash Away StressWork WorriesWorrying

Suggestibility Tests

Balloon and BookCheek or ChinFinger Technique

Time Lines

Business Planning TimelineCalendar Time LineCanvas TimelineFestivities Time LineNewSpace OdysessyTrain Journey


A Christmas ScriptAnchoringBalloon RideBlue CaveCottage Garden - VisualizationCountry Ride DeepenerDolphin DreamtimeEnchanted ForestFireside - VisualizationFloppy Bunny InductionFootball Visualization for ChildrenForest Walk - VisualizationGlove Anesthesia Relaxation: Mountain CabinHouse of Life - VisualizationLake - VisualizationMotorbike Visualization with DeepenerMountain Walk Visualization and DeepenerPrivate Garden - VisualizationPuddleRock Pool - VisualizationRoman Fortress - VisualizationRose InductionSeasons of LifeSnowflake VisualizationStream of Magic - VisualizationSunset - VisualizationTemple - VisualizationThe Cairngorm Mountain ExperienceThe Hidden CaveThe Paragliding ExperienceThe Road to GranadaThe Wolds ExperienceThe Zero Gravity ExperienceTropical Island - VisualizationVisualization - SwimmingWise Old Man

Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Attic Weight LossRevisedBinge EatingBoredom EatingChocolate CravingsEasy Weight LossEmotional EatingEnjoy Solid FoodExercise MotivationExercise in Your Sleep VisualizationFamily ObesityFastingFestive EatingFit, Trim and HealthyFood SubstitutionGastric Band Hypnosis AdjustmentGastric Band Weight LossHealthy EatingHypnotic Gastric BandHypnotic Stomach StaplingIdeal Weight and ShapeLetting Go of Excess WeightLose Protective WeightMaintaining Weight LossNight-Time EatingPortion ControlRegaining SlimnessSecret EatingSensible EatingSlim-plicitySlimmer YouSlower Eating and DrinkingTimeline Basic SlimmingUltimate SlimmingWeighing ObsessionWeight Gain for WomenWeight LossWeight Loss (NLP Type Approach)Weight Loss - Alcohol RelatedWeight Loss - Escape from PrisonWeight Loss Bridge of TimeWeight Loss Metabolism VisualizationWeight Loss RewardWeight Loss: Control RoomWeight Loss: Trick the Mind

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