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Thinking of taking the Professional Hypnotherapy Course? See what previous students think of our hypnotherapy training below:

Hi Faith

I received modules 2 & 3 today - dived straight into module 2, I think it is important to say that I like the style it is written in. I think by now I have taken about 10 (or so) various courses to supplement my accredited training and this is by far the most comprehensively written. Yes there are some things that are the same throughout all courses - material wise - but the styles have left a lot to be desired. The introduction to the hypno-analysis section is highly understandable, rich in insight and integrative in a very refreshing way. I hope you don't take this praise lightly as I sincerely mean it. I now feel that I have found something that has been missing from my practice, the analytical component. This is from someone who is completing a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy and has been studying since 1989 the field of counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, Shamanism and is currently conducting research on a new model for working with Trauma. The business I am just setting up will be all the richer for having taken the chance and ordered this excellent course. Many Many Thanks


I've been interested in hypnosis for as long as I can remember but I never thought it would be something I would be able to do myself.  After a not so great experience with a local trainer, I stumbled upon Hypnotic World, and I'm so glad I did!  They proved to me hypnosis is indeed something I'm able to do, and indeed excel at!

The course was structured in such a way that it's easy to learn, and the modules get more and more detailed at a gradual and comfortable pace. I remember the first time someone asked me about hypnosis, when I'd finished explaining, I'd literally surprised myself with how much I'd learned!  I really liked the fact I could learn at my own pace. At the time I was working 60 hour weeks, but even with that kind of schedule I was still able to enjoy my study and qualify.

The resources of the website are a real bonus too, and help you gain a real depth of knowledge in the field, coupled with the support and contact with Faith when you need it, and this course gives you a real head start.

And as for the lifestyle...  Since qualifying, I've performed hundreds of therapies and there's no feeling like it in the world, when you've changed someone's life in such a positive way. I've met some great people and I've given talks and seminars all over the world, most recently in Dallas, Texas.

It's been hard work, but incredibly satisfying, and it was Hypnotic World that started it all off for me! A HUGE thank you!

Declan Lestat, Nottingham, UK

In 33+ years of sales and management, last 22 years in training of businesses and staff - been on hundreds on training courses.  During that time I can safely say that the lay out, literature, content, ease of reading, simplicity of the explanations for understanding is excellent.  Well done.


The Modules are well written in an easy to understand manner, one that makes it interesting for the reader to learn from.

Robert N (Nottingham)

I had been looking for a change of career for some time but didn't really know what I wanted to do. I met a hypnotherapist through a family member and hypnotherapy sounded really interesting.  I then looked on the internet to see what I could find out and that was when I found the Hypnotic World site and it really grabbed my attention.

What I also liked was that I could pay for each module as I learned if I wanted to, so I sent off for the first module.  I was completely hooked and sent off for the rest of the coursework.  The course is very well structured and what I really liked was that there was constant e-mail or phone support if it was needed and marked modules were returned promptly so that I knew how I was doing at each stage which did wonders for building my confidence. I have a particular interest in past life regression, but my "bread and butter"  since I qualified 16 months ago is mostly in stopping smoking and confidence issues. Since qualifying I have met other hypnotherapists who qualified through other organizations and I have to say I believe that the Hypnotic World course is by far the best and the best value for money.  I would recommend this course to anyone who enjoys working with people and wants to make a difference.

Karrie McMillan

Since receiving my certificate in January I have gone from strength to strength. I was fortunate enough to become a practitioner at Avalon Natural Health Centre which is the oldest established natural health centre in Sussex (35 years)  It is so rewarding and I have bookings well into the year.  I already have a day job so only work evening and weekends.  Although I still have much to learn I feel that I am on the right path for me. I have never not had a client re-book for a further session after the initial consultation.

David E

Hi Faith Just to let you know I have completed and sent back Module one to you. I found it really interesting. I have listened to the last track on the CD a few times in bed and it has definitely improved my sleep (a lot deeper). Really impressed with how the module was constructed and easy to follow. Looking forward to receiving the next one.

John Chivers

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