Co-dependency to Independence Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.

In the early stages of a relationship it is quite natural for couples to want to spend most of their time together, however some people take this to extremes and live very insular lives.

If your client feels unable or unwilling to venture unaccompanied by their partner this could be the result of co-dependency.

Perhaps they are suffering from neediness - seeking their partner's approval instead of listening to their own wishes.

People who are too needy are often insecure and may need your help with improving their self-esteem.

Creating space in a relationship is essential for growth. Once Co-dependency has been resolved your clients can feel free to pursue their own dreams and this will add a new dimension to their relationship.

They will become more interesting people and communication will improve as they find more things to discuss.

Download this Co-dependency script today to help your clients to overcome their reliance on a partner for their own sense of self-worth.

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