Candle Flame Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.

Inductions are an essential beginning to the hypnotic trance and it is good practice to have a few different ones to choose from so that you can select which you think will be most suitable for your client.

Inductions can vary between long, progressive ones which focus on relaxing each part of the body individually or shorter ones that are more direct and to the point. These are more suited to clients who have been hypnotized before and proven to enter quickly into hypnosis.

This Candle Flame hypnosis induction belongs to the latter category and is an adaptation of the one used in the famous case of Bridie Murphy - the story of of a young woman who regressed back to an Irish ancestry.

At the time this case created a lot of public interest but it later transpired that she was recalling stories told by her nanny when she was an infant. Still, it is intriguing that hypnosis brought these memories to the surface and the technique itself is useful for therapists to add to their toolbox of scripts.

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