Stopping Smoking 2 Hypnosis Script


Help your client to feel like a non-smoker - and become one...

Hypnotherapy has proven success in helping people who want to stop smoking. This is because the strongest part of the addiction is psychological (they tell themselves they're going to stop smoking and eventually talk themselves out of it because it becomes the only thing they can focus on).

Is your client ready to quit smoking?

The easiest and most powerful approach to stopping smoking is to harness the powers of ones own subconscious mind through hypnosis. This download uses positive suggestions to enable them to accept that, they are a non-smoker. Their mindset will no longer be one of giving into the temptation to smoke; instead they will enjoy the benefits of feeling healthier, cleaner, more focused and energetic, and more socially accepted (as well as having more money to spend on more important things in life).

How this hypnosis script download helps your client to stopping smoking
This script download will guide your client into a quiet, calm state of mind and their subconscious will receive smoking cessation suggestions - they will find it difficult to imagine how they could have ever smoked in the first place.

Download this Stopping Smoking Hypnosis script today and help your clients to wave goodbye to cigarette addiction with the power of hypnotherapy.

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