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Addiction Hypnosis Scripts

Addictive PersonalityAlcohol CessationAlcohol ModerationBinge DrinkingCaffeine AddictionCannabis AddictionChewing TobaccoChocolate AddictionCocaine AddictionCompulsive SpendingFreedom from DrugsGambling AddictionHeroin AddictionNicotine CravingNicotine Gum AddictionPornography AddictionPsychic Phone Line AddictionQuit Smoking NowSmoking AssociationSmoking AversionStop Smoking with Self HypnosisStopping SmokingStopping Smoking 2Stopping Smoking with Time DistortionSugar AddictionMore in Addictions

Anger Management Scripts

Anger ManagementAnger Management 2Anger ToolForgivenessFrustrationFrustration ReleaseRoad Rage ReversalStop Road RageStop Self HarmingStopping Swearing

Body Image

Accepting BaldnessAnti-Ageing VisualizationBetter PostureBody BuildingBody Dismorphic Disorder RelaxationBreast Enhancement VisualizationBreast Enhancement Visualization (Free)Breast Reduction VisualizationBuilding Muscle MassExuding BeautyFacial Slimming RelaxationFirmer Breasts VisualizationHair Growth VisualizationHeight ConfidenceLiving with DisfigurementNicer Hair VisualizationRe-Energised Facial Muscles VisualizationRemove Facial Hair Visualization

Business Skills & Finance

AffluenceAsk for a Pay RiseAttracting AbundanceBeach WorkerBusiness MeetingsCareer ConfidenceCreating WealthDealing with EmployeesDealing with RedundancyNewEnjoy your JobExecutive SkillsFacing BankruptcyFinancial WorriesHow To Write Your Own Hypnosis ScriptsLottery Winner VisualizationNatural NegotiationNetworking ConfidenceProfessionalismProsperitySelling Skills with Hypnosis TechniquesSensible SpendingStep Back From Your BusinessSuccessful InterviewsSuccessful Self EmploymentTime ManagementMore in Business Skills & Finance

Childbirth Scripts

Abortion RelaxationBaby BondingBreastfeeding an Adopted BabyBreech Birth RelaxationChildbirthing Cycle VisualizationCrying BabyDrug Free ChildbirthEasy Childbirth VisualizationElective Caesarean SectionFailed IVF RelaxationFear of ChildbirthFertility VisualizationHealthy Eating During PregnancyIVF RelaxationIncreased Sperm Count VisualizationInfertility RelaxationMiscarriagesMorning Sickness RelaxationNatural ChildbirthNatural Childbirth With DolphinsOver Protective MothersPlacenta Previa RelaxationPost Natal Depression RelaxationPre - IVFSustaining a Healthy Pregnancy VisualizationMore in Childbirth

Children's Issues

Accepting a Parent's New RelationshipAnger Management for ChildrenAppetite Increase Visualization for Older ChildrenBedwetting RelaxationBowel Movements - Pre-SchoolersChild ADHD RelaxationChild MeditationRevisedChildhood DefianceChildren Hypno-RelaxationCoping with Divorce for ChildrenEncopresis RelaxationEncopresis Relaxation for Younger ChildrenEnuresis Relaxation 2Fear of Swimming for GirlsFear of Vomiting for ChildrenLiving With ADHD RelaxationMagic TVOCD: Balloon RoomOpposition Defiance DisorderPerfect ParentingSafe Sleeping for ChildrenSchool PhobiaSelective MutismSeparation Anxiety for Young ChildrenThumb SuckingMore in Children's Issues

Confidence Hypnosis Scripts

Be ConfidentBest Man's SpeechBlushing in GroupsBullyingCircle of ConfidenceConfidenceConfidence BuildingConfidence KiteConfidence and PositivityConfidence at WorkConfidence for HypnotherapistsConfidence for New DadsConfidence: Conference TableConfidence: Crystal BallConfidence: Garden of LifeDating ConfidenceDial up ConfidenceEgo StrengtheningIncreased Self EsteemMaking DecisionsPublic SpeakingSelf Belief: Protective ShieldStop BlushingStop StutteringTimidityMore in Confidence

Coping with Loss

Abandoned BabyFinding Lost ObjectsLosing a PetSeparation Anxiety


Best FriendBlackboardCandleCascading Waterfall DeepenerColorsCreating AmnesiaDream DestinationEscalator DeepenerForest DeepenerNewHorse DeepenerJumbo Playing Card ExperienceLagoonMarble Steps DeepenerNumbered Staircase DeepenerOld Oak TreePuppetRaindrop DeepenerScuba Diving DeepenerSeven DoorsSki SlopeThe LiftThe PlaygroundThe StarThe Twenty Six Step DeepenerWhirlpool DeepenerMore in Deepeners


Driving TestDriving Theory Test NervesExam Study MotivationExam SuccessExamination Nerves (Free)Lab Research ConfidencePractical ExamsPresentations and ExamsStress-Free StudyingTest Anxiety

Fears & Phobias

AgoraphobiaClaustrophobiaFear of AuthorityFear of Bees or WaspsFear of BloodFear of CommitmentFear of DeathFear of Doctors and DentistsFear of DrivingFear of FailureFear of FaintingFear of Falling OverFear of FearFear of Heights or Bridges Fear of Inserting Contact LensesFear of IntimacyFear of Motorway DrivingFear of RejectionFear of SuccessFear of Talking on the TelephoneFear of VomitingFearless FlyingHypnosis Script for a Fear of Going Places (Free)Phobia ReleaseSocial PhobiaMore in Fears & Phobias

Grief Hypnosis Scripts

AnniversaryBereavementImpending BereavementLonelinessLoss of a ChildOvercome HomesicknessSaying GoodbyeStaying StrongSurvivors Guilt

Habits & Disorders

Anticipatory NauseaBladder Control Relaxation 2BruxismDepression RelaxationDepression: White Light RelaxationEnuresis Relaxation (Free)Insomnia RelaxationInsomnia Relaxation Hypnosis Script (Free)Insomnia Relaxation: Black DoorMaintenance Insomnia RelaxationMind ClutterMorning PersonMouth and Cheek BitingNail BitingRevisedNervous CoughNervous Twitch RelaxationObsessive Compulsive Disorder 3Overcome BulimiaShy Bladder RelaxationStop Thumb Sucking (for Adults)Swallowing Pills with EaseTeeth GrindingTrichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling)Unwanted Thoughts RelaxationVertigo RelaxationMore in Habits & Disorders

Health Relaxation

Auto Immune Conditions RelaxationBlood Pressure RelaxationChronic Fatigue Syndrome RelaxationConstipation RelaxationEssential Tremor Disorder RelaxationEyesight VisualizationFibromyalgia RelaxationFruit and Vegetable AversionHeadaches RelaxationHealing Relaxation ScriptHealth Matters Relaxation (Free)Herpes RelaxationHormone Imbalance RelaxationImmune System VisualizationLife EnergyLiving With Alopecia RelaxationLiving With Candida Overgrowth RelaxationLiving With Diabetes RelaxationLiving With Food Intolerance RelaxationLiving With Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) RelaxationParkinson's Disease RelaxationPre-SurgeryThyroid Imbalance RelaxationTinnitus RelaxationUrge Incontinence RelaxationMore in Health


Arm LevitationBeautiful DayBiofeedback Induction (for Children)Blue LightBubbleCandle FlameChakra InductionClasped HandsDeep RelaxationGroup InductionHoliday Stroll (Free)Island WalkMagic Carpet InductionOak Tree Induction for Children (Short Sample Script)Odds EvenPendulum MethodSeven StepsSleep HypnosisSpiral InductionThe Andy Moore InductionMore in Inductions

Memory & Learning Scripts

Accelerated StudyingAccelerated Studying 2Automatic TypingComputer ConfidenceConcentrationDyscalculia RelaxationDyslexia RelaxationForeign Language StudyListening SkillsMemory ImprovementMemory Recall VisualizationMemory and ConcentrationMental BlocksPhotographic MemoryPresentations and ExamsSleep Learning VisualizationSpeed ReadingStudy SkillsSuper LearningTime DistortionTime Distortion 2Writer's BlockRevisedWriting Skills

Hypnotic Metaphors

Anger MetaphorMetaphor - Sleep Temples

Pain Relaxation & Visualizations

Autogenic ProgrammingComfortable Dentures RelaxationEasy Pain Relaxation VisualizationMenstrual Pain RelaxationMuscular RelaxationNumbness RelaxationPain Melting Away Visualization RelaxationPain RelaxationPain RelaxationPain Relaxation 2Pain Relaxation Script (Free)Pain Relaxation for ChildrenPhantom Limb Pain RelaxationRapid Pain RelaxationRiver of LifeMore in Pain Relaxation

Performance Hypnosis Scripts

Accepting YourselfBetter HandwritingDance the Night AwayGreat Guitar PlayingHypnosis Script Peak Performance (Free)Interrupted Sleep RelaxationPeak PerformancePerfect PianistPerfectionismPower Nap RelaxationPowerful Public SpeakingProcrastinationSong Writing SkillsStage Fright AuditionsVelvet VoiceMore in Performance

Personal Development Scripts

AssertivenessBecome Tidy and OrganizedCharisma VisualizationCreativityEmotional BaggageEmotional CalmHappiness VisualizationInner AdviserLife ChangesLuck and Intuition VisualizationMake Your Dreams Come TrueMotivationReinvent YourselfThe Joy of ReadingUnlock Visualization AbilityMore in Personal Development

Psychic & Paranormal

Automatic Writing 2Connecting to Your Higher SelfRevisedESP VisualizationHypnotic Mediumship OneInner Truth MeditationLucid Dreaming RelaxationMeeting Your Spirit GuideOut of Body ExperiencePsychic Ability VisualizationPsychic EgotismPsychic Protection

Regression & Progression

Affect Bridge TechniqueAge RegressionAutomatic WritingBack to the WombChakra RegressionChristos TechniqueFuture Life ProgressionFuture ProjectionHall of MirrorsHidden FilesHigher ConsciousnessKarmaLife ScriptPast Life RainbowPast Life RegressionMore in Regression & Progression


Accepting AlcoholismAttracting LoveDealing with DivorceDraw Love into Your LifeEnding a RelationshipEnding an Abusive RelationshipForgetting an Ex-LoverHypnosis for LoversInner ChildJealousyMoving on in a RelationshipPossessivenessRebuilding TrustRelationshipsUnrequited LoveNewMore in Relationships


Alcohol Awareness FormAlcohol FormAnxiety QuestionnaireBrochureChild Profile FormConsent FormContract FormCorporate Workshop Sample LetterDifficult ClientsDual HypnosisEnuresis FormHow to Build a Successful Hypnotherapy PracticePre Induction Talk for ChildrenSuccessful Therapy PracticeThe Secret of Successful Therapy - RevealedMore in Resources

Self Hypnosis Scripts

Complete Guide to Self HypnosisHypnotize YourselfPathworking - Silver Chalice

Sexual Problems

Cross DressingDelayed EjaculationFemininityFeminisation VisualizationFrigidityHealing the Survivor of Child AbuseIncreased Libido VisualizationIntimate SexLiving With Erectile DysfunctionLiving With Impotence RelaxationMasturbation AddictionPremature EjaculationSexual ConfusionSexual FulfillmentVaginismus RelaxationMore in Sexual Problems

Skin Problems

CellulitisEczema RelaxationExcessive Sweating RelaxationFacial Cysts RelaxationHives RelaxationItching RelaxationLiving With Acne RelaxationLiving With Warts RelaxationPsoriasis - NLP RelaxationPsoriasis RelaxationPsoriasis Warrior RelaxationRosacea RelaxationSkin Complexion VisualizationSkin Picking

Sports Improvement

Better BasketballBoxing BoostChampion DartsChampionship CricketChess MasterExcel at SportExercise for FunFootball ConfidenceHypnosis Script for Martial Arts (Free)Learn to Swim with Hypnosis (for Adults)Perfect PokerPerfecting a Back HandspringPlay Better Rugby UnionRunning and JoggingShow Jumping ConfidenceSports ImprovementMore in Sports Improvement

Stress & Anxiety Scripts

Anxiety ReleaseControl of Gag Reflex/Easy SwallowingEmotional ReleaseGuiltHeartbreak RelaxationMorbid ThoughtsNegative Emotion Release: BalloonNegative ReleasePanic Attacks RelaxationPost Traumatic Stress Disorder RelaxationRelaxationSilver Sack NegativityStressStress ManagementWash Away StressWorryingMore in Stress & Anxiety

Suggestibility Tests

Balloon and BookCheek or ChinFinger Technique

Time Lines

Business Planning TimelineCalendar Time LineCanvas TimelineFestivities Time LineSpace OdysessyTrain Journey


A Christmas ScriptAnchoringBalloon RideBlue CaveCastle Keep VisualizationCountry Ride DeepenerDolphin DreamtimeEnchanted ForestFootball Visualization for ChildrenForest Walk - VisualizationGlove Anesthesia Relaxation: Mountain CabinJigsaw (Free)Mountain (Free)Private Garden - VisualizationRose InductionThe Road to GranadaMore in Visualizations

Weight Loss & Weight Gain

Attic Weight LossEasy Weight LossEmotional EatingExercise MotivationExercise in Your Sleep VisualizationFastingFestive EatingFit, Trim and HealthyGastric Band Hypnosis AdjustmentGastric Band Weight LossHealthy EatingHypnotic Gastric BandLetting Go of Excess WeightMaintaining Weight LossNight-Time EatingSensible EatingSlim-plicitySlimmer YouTimeline Basic SlimmingWeight Gain for WomenWeight LossWeight Loss (NLP Type Approach)Weight Loss - Escape from PrisonWeight Loss Metabolism VisualizationWeight Loss: Control RoomMore in Weight Loss & Weight Gain

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