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I have a 17 year old boy coming to get... View Post
By Helen on 19th Mar, 2013
Treating tweenages and teenagers
Hi I am seeing two boys this week age 11... View Post
By Lee Foxcroft on 11th Mar, 2013
Boyfriend- heroin addict
My boyfriend is a heroin addict (inhaling).... View Post
By Kristen on 10th Mar, 2013
Persistant smokers
I've recently had 2 clients who have sworn... View Post
By Jim Lawson on 5th Apr, 2012
Crisp addiction
A client of mine loves crisps, she lives for... View Post
By Mariapage on 14th Aug, 2011
Alcoholism and Hypnosis
I am working with an alcoholic person at the... View Post
By Alice Potter on 11th Sep, 2010
Crystel meth
I was disturbed by the programme on channel... View Post
By Elizabeth Smith on 16th Aug, 2009
The Addictions forum was setup for people... View Post
By on 8th Jun, 2009
Welcome to the addictions discussion forum. View Post
By on 13th May, 2009


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