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Stop Smoking Script for very light smoker
Hi All! I have a client that only smokes...
Tanya McCormack  ·  2nd Aug, 2015  ·  View Post
Friend Script
I have seen on other forums mention of...
Jeff Cassapi  ·  15th Jul, 2015  ·  View Post
Fear of stopping smoking
I saw a new client this week to help her...
Geraldine Lay  ·  11th Apr, 2015  ·  View Post
Quit smoking
Hi I've been doin clinical hypnotherapy for...
Gary  ·  16th Aug, 2013  ·  View Post
Hi i am struggling with smokers at the...
Sharren Pankhurst  ·  19th Jun, 2013  ·  View Post
Group smoking Therapy
Is there any hypnotherapist out there that...
Graham  ·  3rd Jan, 2013  ·  View Post
Quit smoking
I have a Client who after pne session of...
Advice Seeker  ·  24th Sep, 2012  ·  View Post
Want to stop smoking
I am smoking from last 12yrs regularly. and...
Asif  ·  28th Dec, 2009  ·  View Post
Hypnosis can really help!
I tried everything... the patches, the gum...
Nina Mayersfield  ·  1st Jun, 2009  ·  View Post
First assessment of smoking client
I have used several assessment approaches...
Gregg  ·  26th Mar, 2009  ·  View Post
Smoking cessation
In line with No Smoking day this thursday I...
Elizabeth Wray  ·  7th Mar, 2009  ·  View Post


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