Stage Fright Auditions Self Hypnosis MP3

Stephen Armstrong DHP; Faith Waude DHP Acc. Hyp.

Stage Fright Auditions
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Overcome stage fright and give the best performance of your life with this professionally-recorded hypnosis session from Hypnotic World

Stage fright occurs when you know that you have the ability to present an outstanding performance and yet you get up on the stage and your knees turn to jelly, you find yourself feeling nauseous, your heart races, etc.

If this sounds like you then you are not alone; some of the greatest comedians in the world (the late Tommy Cooper, to name just one) have suffered exactly the same thing.

Stage fright isn't a reflection on ability, it happens when the sympathetic nervous system is activated and during this reaction the body releases adrenaline into the blood stream causing a chain of symptoms to occur and this is commonly known as the fight or flight response.

Hypnosis can help to overcome stage fright and performance anxiety by teaching you relaxation and visualization methods that counteract the fight or flight trigger.

It is impossible to be tense and relaxed at the same time and this Stage Fright hypnosis session works by giving you a special anchor to use as you go up on stage. This anchor interrupts the usual pattern of anxiety and ensures that you will be confident and happy in your ability to give the best performance of your life.

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Stage Fright Auditions

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Stage Fright Auditions MP3

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Seattle 24th May, 2009

"Best one that I've listened to yet"

Best one that I've listened to yet... love the speaker.

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